Overview of 5 Ways to Improve Potency

5 Ways to Improve PotencyHistorically, male sexual activity was considered not only a pledge of procreation, but also a factor affecting the well-being of the whole family. The ancestors believed that if the head of the family had problems with potency, this would also have a negative impact on his ability to maintain a dowel in the farm, and even on such poorly predicted phenomena as the yield of land holdings or the fertility of livestock. Such judgments are quite logical: a man, experiencing problems with erection, is stressed. Disturbing thoughts interfere with him both in everyday affairs and in solving professional problems. Nowadays, every man should remember that a competent treatment plan will help restore a full sex life and self-confidence.

Unsuccessful episodes at an intimate affinity at least time in a life occur at each man, however at true erectile dysfunction the problem repeats from time to time (more than 4 times successively), and to hope for a happy self-treatment it is not necessary. Moreover, delay is bad for the treatment prospects, because the pathology underlying the reduction in potency will only progress with time. Let’s discuss what ways to improve potency exist and which one is better to choose.

1 Lifestyle and potency

Watch your way of life!Erectile dysfunction implies that the patient experiences problems with excitation or with a healthy functioning of the penis. This may be an inadequate tone of the body, which makes it impossible for the sexual act, or for problems with ejaculation (ejection of sperm), which occurs too early or accompanied by unpleasant sensations. Unfortunately, the modern rhythm of life and the presence of bad habits often lead to the fact that men have problems with potency. Frequent stressful situations, unhealthy lifestyle disrupt the normal course of the sexual life of many men.

A number of modern studies have revealed that such risk factors as a sedentary lifestyle, the abuse of alcohol, drugs, smoking can lead to a man becoming weak in bed. After all, all these negative external influences significantly worsen the blood circulation in the arteries of the small pelvis, which leads to the appearance of problems with potency.

The effect of obesity on sexual dysfunction is proved. Also, a number of diseases of the genitourinary system, the intake of certain drugs, trauma, can have a negative effect. It is important to note that everyone can control their lifestyle, and accordingly, the increase in potency depends not only on the intake of drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, etc., but also on the rational attitude towards the life of a particular man.

Normalization of a way of life, weight control, physical activity, refusal from smoking, alcohol, drugs can significantly improve the situation and contribute to the normalization of a man’s sexual life.

2 How bad habits affect a man

How do bad habits affect male potency and erection?Almost everyone knows about the dangers of smoking, alcohol, drugs, sleepless nights. Not many men understand what consequences their habitual way of life is going to lead to. Men should know that bad habits worsen health, lead to infertility, do reproductive harm, and cause chronic diseases.

Let’s have a look at how smoking, alcohol, drugs, nightlife affect the potency of men.

  • Alcohol: Alcohol, used in large doses, has the most destructive effect on a person’s sexual life. Daily use of a half-liter of strong liquor or an equivalent amount of alcohol in the form of wine, vodka or beer for only five to eight years can cause a complete loss of sexual function. There is evidence that 80% of hard drinking men develop impotence, infertility, sharply reduced sexual desire. The male sex glands, the testes, whose cells are gradually destroyed, are exposed to the greatest degree of toxic effect of alcohol, as a result of which you remain with atrophied (wrinkled) testicles. One of the main functions of the male sex glands is the production of the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for the occurrence of sexual desire and potency. The excessive use of alcoholic beverages for a long period of time leads to a significant decrease in the production of testosterone, which manifests itself in the extinction of sexual desire and the development of impotence.
  • Smoking: Only two cigarettes with a high nicotine content immediately before intercourse can inhibit the development of sexual arousal and cause a significant weakening of the erection, even in young healthy men. Its role is probably played by the direct vasoconstricting effect of nicotine, which leads to a decrease in the lumen of small blood vessels that provide blood supply to the penis. The result of the lack of adequate blood filling is a sluggish erection or even its complete absence.
  • Narcotic substances: Unfortunately, drug use is becoming common in our society. The immediate effects of psychoactive substances on the sexual sphere of a person are extremely diverse and largely depend on social factors. For the most part, however, the single use of a small dose of substances such as marijuana, cocaine and amphetamine, causes a feeling of emancipation and increases sexual susceptibility. But, like alcohol, the use of large amounts of these drugs leads to a violation of sexual reactions such as erection, ejaculation, and their continued use causes a progressive loss of sexual desire, which in men manifests itself in the form of loss of erection and ejaculation.

3 Proper Nutrition and Potency

Correct mens nutritionSeeking to live a healthy and fulfilling sex life, a man should pay great attention to nutrition. Proper nutrition affects not only the state of potency and sexual activity, but also all the organs and systems of our body. There are foods that can weaken sexual functions. And vice versa – products that increase potency, the so-called aphrodisiacs, stimulate sexual arousal, enhance sexual desire and sexual activity. Therefore, in order to be at a high sexual level, include in your daily diet products to increase potency, which contain a high amount of vitamins A, E and B. The content of such vitamins has a very strong effect on the manifestation of sexual excitability, filling the body with sexual energy.

4 What Foods Help Improve Potency?

What foods increase the male potency?To increase potency, you should pay attention to products of plant origin: parsley and onions, seafood, meat and fruits, herbs and spices.

  • Parsley has an effect on the increase of male sexual abilities, strengthens the circulation of the pelvic organs and is a powerful preventative against prostatitis. Also, parsley promotes the increase of male hormones in the body and positively affects the potency.
  • Onions contain a complex of substances that not only stabilize the hormonal background and activate sexual functions, but also have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.
  • Rich in zinc and selenium, which have a beneficial effect on sexual activity and male potency, are seafood: flounder, mackerel, shrimp, mussels, oysters, squid. They increase potency and arouse sensuality. They contain a huge number, the so-called “reproduction vitamins” responsible for reproductive function. Seafood is one of the most powerful and fast aphrodisiacs.
  • To maintain the potency and saturation of the energy of the male body, you should eat meat, not fat, properly cooked, and in reasonable quantities.
  • To strengthen men’s potency, consume chicken eggs, which contain vitamins, proteins and fatty acids.
  • To increase sexual activity in food should be added spices: coriander, cinnamon, cumin, parsley, horseradish, celery, thyme, dill, saffron, ginger. Spices not only increase blood flow to the genitals, but also contain a large number of “male” vitamins and microelements, which increase potency.

5 Pharmaceutical Medicines for Increasing Potency (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Kamagra)

In recent years, a large number of various drugs have appeared on the world market of medicines, stimulating the potency and erection of men. Among the most famous, there are Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, and Kamagra. Here, we are going to have a look at pros each of them has.

  • Viagra for male potencyViagra: Viagra is a medicinal product that contains the active substance sildenafil citrate. This is the first of its kind tablet medicine, which is taken through the mouth and has a pronounced high efficiency in a significant number of men with potency problems (70% of 100%). Most representatives of the stronger sex prefer Viagra, since its reception allows you to normalize the erection without using painful procedures and injections into the penis. To regain your masculine strength, you just have to take the pill before sexual intercourse and enjoy the process for several hours. The drug is highly effective, due to the fact that the active substance expands the arteries and increases the amount of blood that enters the cavernous body of the penis. It is the influx of blood that provides the appearance of an erection, an increase and hardening of the penis. Viagra is not a means for stimulation, pills only strengthen and support the natural arousal of a man.
  • Levitra for male potencyLevitra: Levitra is able to induce an erection in its complete absence, or enhance weak sexual arousal. The effect is manifested even at the first application, after about 30 minutes and lasts up to 10-14 hours. Tablets are quickly absorbed, penetrating into the blood. It is enough to take one tablet a day. With the prolonged treatment, the dosage is reduced, but this does not affect the quality and duration of the sexual intercourse. Vardenafil, which forms the basis of the generic Levitra, blocks the phosphodiesterase enzyme, ensuring the release of sodium oxide and the flow of blood to the male penis. The effect of the drug is observed exclusively in the presence of natural stimulation, resulting in increased natural excitement and libido. Vardenafil “works” as early as 15-25 minutes after oral administration, and the duration of exposure is at least four hours.
  • Cialis for male potencyCialis: Cialis has a similar effect with Viagra, but the duration of the effect is much greater. The active substance is very quickly absorbed, and the smooth muscles located on the cavernous body affect. They relax, through them begins to pass more blood, thereby improving the flow of blood to the penis. As a result, the medication is valid for 36 hours! And this, an absolute record among other drugs. Acetylcholine and nitric oxide contribute to the flow of blood to the penis. They are synthesized by the nervous system. Phosphodiesterase does so as to minimize the production of the above substances. This drug belongs to inhibitors, and it blocks sopodieestrase. At the same time, this medication is not an aphrodisiac. Therefore, the excitement will come in a natural way, and not from the use of Cialis.
  • Kamagra for male potencyKamagra: This is a generic of Viagra, a pharmaceutical drug designed to increase potency and increase the duration of sex. It is characterized by a long action and more pronounced effectiveness. It begins to work for 20 – 25 minutes after ingestion and remains active for 12 to 13 hours. During this time, causes at least 5 dense erections. Increases long sex from 30 to 80 minutes.

A problem with erection is certainly, stress for a man.

However, there is no reason to perceive it tragically: in the opinion of doctors, irreparable cases of this kind are almost never found. Do not delay the visit to the doctor if you have noticed signs of erectile dysfunction. After all, the earlier treatment begins, the sooner you will regain the joy of a vibrant sexual life.